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2009 Venice Marathon: Bravi!!!

Monday, October 26th, 2009

The Venice Marathon is, as always, a big party for everybody: parteciparnts and public.

This year’s winners are: John Komen (1st, new record of the track: 2h08′13″), Paul Samoei (2nd) and Benson Cherono (3rd).

But all the partecipants (almost 7000, a record) are winners!!! Many many people love this competition for the location and for the public you find from the beginning (Stra) until the end (Riva Sette Martiri, Saint Mark – Venice). Through all the track many people cheer the athlets and many bands played music.

We are all waiting for next Year’s appointment: the 25th edition is an important Anniversary for the Venice Marathon!

Venice Marathon

Doge’s Fireplace just restored!!!

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Yesterday the restoration of one of seven Doge Palace’s fireplaces finished!

This one (restored with the finantial contribution of Luciano Marsilli owner of “le Maschere” and “La Vecia Cavana”) has been made between 1486 and 1492 by Lombardo for Doge Agostino Barbarigo. It’s a beautifull example of venetian sculpture of the period, it looks like a lace!!! On the back of the fireplace we can now admire the image of a salamander (half reptile and half fire): it was hided under many layers of painting!

The restoration was under the control of Soprintendenza, who appreciate the job of the artisans involved. Also the Mayor of Venice has been happy of the results.

These restoration ar part of the project “Veneziani x Venezia”: everyone can now finance the restoration of public treasures of Venice! For more information you can check .

New appointment at Punta della Dogana

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Today at Punta della Dogana there will be a class about the operas of Fishli & Weiss (part of “Mapping the Studio” exposition).
This is the first of 30 appointments, one every Wednesday until the 9th June 2010. Today the subject will be “Talk with the opera. Experience the contemporery art”. The lesson (by Angela Vettese) will be organised as in the past: an exchange of ideas about an opera wich is in front of you.

This is mainly addressed to the students of Ca’ Foscari (Venice’s University) and Accademia, but also to any venetian or tourist who want to partecipate. Starting from 18:00 there will be the Happy Hoour at the Museum’s café, until the closing time.

Not every presentation will be at Punta della Dogana, the next one (14th October 2009) will be at Palazzo Grassi.

The aim of this project is to involve the public in the activities of Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana: a new kind of Museum!!!

Punta della dogana

Punta della dogana

Ruga degli Oresi: new ideas for Rialto area!!!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Ruga dei Oresi is the street that goes from Rialto Bridge to the Market Area.
This is one of the busiest part of the city, and one of the oldest as well (i.e. just few meters from the bridge there is San Giacometto Church, probably the oldest of Venice!!!).
This area was reserved to the commerce of the gold, but everyone knows that things changes! Most of the shops were closing. For this reason the Government of Venice decided to change his mind and to eliminate this rule.
Result? New shops are opening!!!
But the opening of new activities will be limited: they will have to be usefull for the venetian cityzens. So no more souvenirs, soccer t-shirts and similiar things! The project of Soprintendenza include a complete renovation af the area and a re-organisation of the small shops facing the street.

rialto market area